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Winter is Coming! Is Your Data Ready?


It has been a while since we connected. We have a year-end special right now for clients needing to update their databases for 2023 marketing programs.

Clean up your Customer database and get your New Year marketing efforts off to a clean start. Save up to 50% on your customer file cleanup with the following bundled processes.


  • NCOA (National Change of Address)
  • Residential landline phone append
  • Residential cell phone append
  • Residential email append

Up to 10,000 records processed…$325.00
Up to 20,000 records processed…$600.00
Up to 50,000 records processed…$1,200.00

We would be happy to brainstorm with you about your clients’ marketing data challenges and discuss some “what if” scenarios.

Contact nSightful and enhance your customer medsupp database today! Call us at 866-249-1977 or email us at today!


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