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When Constructing Your Marketing Strategy, Be Careful to Consider Confusing Stereotypes.

These days, accessing potential customers can feel like navigating a massive maze, with every manner of obstacle looming everywhere. Which medium—or group of media—should a marketer tackle…and which one should he or she attempt first? Which choice is most likely to deliver the end prize of an engaged consumer base? And what about the many pratfalls, and dead-end approaches along the way that distract, defeat, and ultimately waste the time and money of your marketing effort?
One of the key aspects of marketing on which we all need to focus is the reality that consumer groups of every shape and size offer competing brands paths that will connect them with—and convert them to—paying, loyal customers. You must guard against opinion-centered stereotypes that do not respect reality, and which can derail your marketing efforts.
Most of us who send messages out to the Marketing Universe realize how vital it is to be responsible to the multicultural audience—especially when considering the upheaval that the recent COVID crisis has visited upon our businesses. Brands have, of necessity, sought out ways to identify where they need to concentrate and improve, but, adding to this challenge is the realization that specific groups have traditionally been vexed with stereotypes that exaggerate, mislead and often even offend: The Senior Population is one of those that has undergone enhanced scrutiny in this regard. It has been suggested that fewer than 10% of advertising budgets focus on reaching them, and this despite the fact that they account for more than half of consumer spending in the United States.
This segment is an important one for marketers to consider. There are myriad ways to connect with this population, both on- and off-line, just as there are ways to approach the effort, respectfully and effectively. Additional points to ponder: How has the recent pandemic worked to shift consumer behavior here? Do positive stereotypes exist that can assist and reinforce your strategy as a business that is eager to court this economically significant population segment? Which media are best to reach this group that holds so much potential?
The Marketing Maze will always present challenges, and it’s a conundrum that will constantly evolve; that’s where a company that wishes to grow can benefit from every available resource—and that resource’s resultant strategy—along with its insight.
Enter nSightful. We’re the experienced marketing experts who help interpret demographics, identify consumer trends, and plot the best way to navigate the puzzle. Of course we recognize the value of target groups like the aforementioned Senior Population, but we also respect, incidentally, specific industries. We carry the marketing effort several advantageous steps further—plumbing the “good” stereotypes, but eliminating those that have no worth. Armed with what we glean from our solid, proven research into various marketing channels—email, texting, direct mail, and more—we can chart the best, custom course for your product on its way to its best audience. Along the way, our specialized brand of Data Cleansing helps eliminate the dead ends that plague so many marketing efforts.
Of course, there’s more. We’d be happy to discuss with you how best to approach your marketing challenges, and present you with the most workable way to help you arrive at the happy conclusion of your individual maze—new customer! Contact us today.


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