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There’s More to Your Marketing Strategy Than Just Digital Diligence. Don’t Overlook Direct Mail.

Many businesses today are understandably bedazzled by the darling that is Digital Marketing. Who can help but admire avenues that appear so fresh and innovative, and can make so many attractive promises?

It’s easy to be overwhelmed, just as it’s tempting to overlook a reliable workhorse that has blazed trails and carried its weight all along—Direct Mail. An old bromide advises that one should “dance with the one what brung ya,” and this has new relevance in today’s competitive environments.

Despite its volatile press in recent months, the durable United States Postal Service really is here to stay, to be of service in the long haul. Direct Mail boasts an admirable open rate—upwards of 78%—that is close to unmatchable. It’s never been easier to use the medium to craft direct customized approaches that will pinpoint the audiences a business needs to drive sales. It’s a personable “hands-on” vehicle that comforts a potential customer as it invites further perusal.

When employed in coordination with “more sophisticated” social, display, email, and other marketing strategies, the message becomes one of cohesion that can attract added attention and generate a healthier bottom line. When integrated properly, a message to the same corporation or individual reinforces as it repeats.

How Best to Approach Integration?
Many marketing experts set great store in Digital Overlay—a process that isolates a model, predictive prospect/customer and blends it to the digital atmosphere by way of email addresses, social media predeterminations, online cookies and other relevant data. One can deliver an identical creative message to the same audience at the same time digitally, and via direct mail. The multiple messaging generates a boost in frequency that helps drive accelerated response, and a more satisfactory conversion.

Another innovative approach: Pixel Targeting. It’s a concept that acknowledges those customers who land on your website, indicating at least an interest in what you have to say, or sell. Marketing tools exist that can leverage those cookies and captured addresses, marking them for any number of campaigns: email, specific direct mail, social and/or display advertising. Direct Mail can then step in to expand upon the product or service, reinforce the information already received, and help clinch the deal.

One might also consider geotargeting—an approach whereby display or social ads start with a dedicated postal data file that delivers relevant marketing information. Longitude and latitude helps identify the postal file and coordinates it to a specific phone or location, allowing exact targeting to a home or business.

It’s An Evolving Marketing Universe.
In these pandemic times, individuals have been forced to adapt, and many have traded the commute routine to work at home. They are rediscovering once-familiar facets of daily life, and that includes Direct Mail. With more time—and more of it involving a flexible nature—many welcome Direct Mail as a subtle, tangible connection to the selling process. What once may have been brushed off as an intrusion (it’s no longer “junk mail”) is now oft times regarded as a personal touch. It’s the edge that many forward-thinking companies would be well advised to keep in mind.

Enter nSightful.
The Professionals at nSightful are experts at untangling complications in the marketing universe. Our robust databases permit us to select the right customers for your campaign, and we dynamically schedule campaign deployments based on the buyer’s action to increase engagement and your ROI. We realize that today, more than ever, business places a greater emphasis on quality—rather than quantity—of leads. We are dedicated to a quality campaign from start to finish, using whatever approach will deliver. (P.S. We’ve always respected the power of Direct Mail.)

Direct Mail


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