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The “New Normal” Is Coming: Is YOUR Marketing Firm Ready?

Let’s face it. In recent months, the Marketing Universe—like the rest of business—has been challenged in a way no one could have anticipated. Customer patterns have been interrupted, business outlook has (of necessity) been revised, and marketing professionals have been forced to adapt, often times in haste, with the hope that the right decisions are being made.

Studies confirm that consumers are defaulting, in record numbers, to consumption online, but the uptick doesn’t begin to compensate for the losses absorbed offline. First-time online users abound, and there’s been a boom in previously underused phenomena like video conferencing, streaming entertainment, restaurant delivery services, and education online. Curiously, customers have grown to appreciate these new developments, and there’s every reason to believe they will continue to embrace them going forward.

As a marketing professional, how will you be able to best monitor this “new normal” and shape it to keep your business thriving in the wake of a Recovery? A thoughtful three-step program can help you through the transition.

Step One: Pay Attention to Current Developments.
Your customers need to know that you are there for them, now more than ever. Brands have never been more important for facing the recent crisis—and its anticipated recovery—with their inherent truth. The need is great for you to place accelerated emphasis on the value expectations of your clients and their customers, guiding them through their emerging challenges in a way that reinforces their confidence in you, which will in turn, continue to drive their loyalty.

Step Two: Map the Recovery Plan.
Assess your current strategies and determine what changes will need to be made to combat emerging challenges—remembering that in many areas you may be navigating unfamiliar ground. One of the chief things we’ve learned from the recent crisis is that agility, adaptability, and speed have acquired more importance than ever. By all means, keep strategies in place that have worked previously for you and your clients, but be prepared to pivot, and quickly, when the need arises. Learn to monitor signals, on a daily basis; this will give you a greater grasp of the big picture, and will help you gain a better understanding of what those signals indicate and the ways they will influence the way you do business in this new climate.

You’ll be situated to anticipate emerging “signature moments” and be in the proper place to respond to them, to best serve your customers. An operating model with agility is critical, as your customers will need to quickly address shifting marketing conditions, which can change rapidly. The crisis has created new environments, and there’s no sure way to approach and eventually conquer them unless your brand is performing with as much relevance and appropriateness as you can deliver.

Step Three: Build for the New Normal.
It’s too early to predict for certain how the New Normal will look, but marketing professionals have the distinct advantage of being able to cooperate with team leaders—using preexisting insight and honing foresight to perfect a strategy of recovery for the long term. With an understanding of what drives both customer needs and expectations, your clients are better equipped to deal with almost any situation with which the future may confront them. True, the rate of speed and ability to adapt are forcing all businesses to reassess, but it is vital that any firm’s marketing professionals understand how they can not only maintain customer allegiance post-crisis, but also help grow it in the future.

It’s clear that we are all charting new ground here. The Marketing Professionals at nSightful are experts in the diverse, related fields of List Services, Data Hygiene, Email Marketing, Email Hygiene and a plethora of additional ways to help your business emerge from a troubling time and flourish in the New Normal…wherever that takes us.

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The New Normal


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