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The Landscape Has Changed. The Marketing Strategy of Your Omnichannel Needs to Adapt.

Now that the COVID pandemic has shaken up global marketing, customers have learned to seek out brands that offer comfort…touchstone that reinforce the core qualities of safety, value, and contentment. While it’s traditionally been important to key in on these basic benefits, it’s now more vital than ever for marketers to shore up a brand loyalty that will help assure their repeat business going forward.

The companies that have learned to adapt are prospering. To cite one notable example, the folks at Tesla have streamlined their online process of purchasing vehicles to focus on simplified buying decisions, fixed prices, and a home delivery model that caters to, and comforts, the consumer. The result? Tesla today enjoys renewed customer loyalty and an attractive rating of overall satisfaction.

It has become evident that optimum strategies for omnichannel marketing, must, of necessity, shift to reflect forces in the market place. Those companies most willing to adapt strategies that reflect the New Normal will be best positioned to encourage customer relationships of longer standing and consequently mark their brands for continued success.

You Must Make Sure You Meet the Needs of the Consumer.
It’s a common, and commonsensical practice to react to change in a timely fashion that respects the reputation you have built with your customers…and haven’t we seen that play out in the wake of all the pandemic upheaval? Brands that have failed to shift those strategies to acknowledge the landscape of the present have risked dropping leads and experiencing decline in market share. At worst, the customer trust you’ve worked so hard to establish can evaporate. A few helpful tips to guard against that:

– Monitor and respect the needs of your customer base. Those folks might have recently shifted their priorities, and it’s your responsibility to make sure you’re doing what you can to keep their business. If you need to change anything, make sure you’re on top of evolving industry methods and how to use them to the best advantage of all.

– Keep an eye on your competitors. It’s basic advise, but it has expanded importance in the current landscape. If your competition has moved to accommodate the customer to observe guidelines that might not have been considered until recently, do your best job in determining how you can keep up with them—or, better still, show how you can make marketing improvements that will better their station as they increase your bottom line.

– Keep an eye on the way your company reacts. A brand needs to benefit the customer. Be ready to be even more proactive in these challenging times, with response strategies that are both timely and creative. Where appropriate, tailor your approach to reflect the industry being serviced, and make any specific action for your customer as personal as possible. Again, you should work to nurture those bonds you’ve worked so hard to establish.

There are an abundance of ways you can impart information and tactics that will help sustain your customer, including, but not limited to: centralizing your data; combining information into one central database; measuring rates of attribution; constructing meaningful models of comparisons, anticipating future trends as they affect your customer…and more.

There truly are far too many details to be covered in one brief article. We invite you to reach out to the professionals at nSightful so that we might more thoroughly outline how post-pandemic strategies can work to the advantage of your business, and the customers you serve. 

We bring more than 30 years of experience to this exciting watershed of a New Era of Marketing. We are experts at helping businesses large and small establish individual marketing universes, and in assisting them with the management and guidance needed to maintain such entities and to help them prosper. We wish you all the best for success in the wake of an unusual set of circumstances, in these unusual times. We would be honored to be part of your marketing plan going forward.

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