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Any marketer looking to advance his or her digital brand would be wise to not overlook Direct Mail. The allure and proven track record of this mainstay “workhorse” continue to drive results from those savvy enough to know how to use this powerful tool.

A recent case history involving a purveyor of designer handbags makes an excellent case. The CEO, a decade after debuting product, launched an initial foray into Direct Mail. Shortly, the firm plans to introduce a hefty, information-packed catalog to its customer base, featuring a history of editorial content, in tandem with an unveiling of original artwork centering on the brand’s signature “bucket” handbag. She notes the steadily rising cost of Digital, and she accurately observes that Digital has made it increasingly more difficult to relate the company’s entire story without incurring significantly greater spending.

Many brands are re-awakening to the power of Direct Mail, recognizing its flexibility in diversification from marketing channels, both new and established; CEOs who are in the know realize the demand for the medium is as strong as it has ever been. They understand the consumer appetite laying semi-dormant in an audience that may be more home-bound than it was 14 months ago, but one that remains eager to shop—and to spend.

Direct mail catalogs can often be sent using a standardized, set rate, at a cost well under a dollar per unit, a figure that includes publication and postage. There remains a significant segment of the population that will always appreciate the “comfort” factor associated with receiving a catalog in the mail, perusing it at one’s leisure, credit card at the ready to make a purchase. Such a marketing approach can frequently be cheaper than a click on Social Media. Direct Mail remains a dependable fall-back for so-called established “legacy” marketers, including DTC bedding and furniture brands. These seasoned retailers have consistently been champions of Direct Mail, and it is a strategy that, when used with reasoned planning and intelligent execution, has served them well—even as they explore “new frontiers” of marketing like Digital, and Social Media.

Additionally, brands are keeping an eye on looming, upcoming changes in the privacy arena, like iOS 14, wherein app creators will need the permission of an iPhone user to monitor their data tracks. This development will create challenges for the marketer…which is all the more reason to look for strategies that offer greater opportunity, through greater diversification.

The Marketing Professionals at nSightful are experts in monitoring existing practices in the industry. We offer decades of data analysis experience in studying emerging trends; we examine in detail those tactics in fashioning a customized marketing approach for which media will work best for an individual company…like yours, and especially yours. Perhaps Direct Mail is just the tried-and-true approach that may be part of the best way to move your product. We invite you to contact us so that we might discuss which marketing path will work to the best advantage of your operation.

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