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‘Something in the Way They Move’: How Best to Reach Those New Movers.

There are few target markets that attract the attention of those with goods and services to promote than the category of New Movers. The traditional tenet is that these folks are on the move…and ready to buy.


According to a recent respected study, more than half of all brands that have had the foresight to implement a Mover Marketing Program report a success with the concept, logging a rating in excess of eight—on a scale of ten—as it applies to impact. 


Perhaps most significantly, nearly 60% of those marketers surveyed rate such programs as being “extremely” successful in helping them to attain their individual goals. Additionally, more than 40% of firms focusing on Moved Marketing recorded marked increases in the acquisition of new customers; non-users notched a paltry 8% increase.


But here’s the advantage: fewer than 50% of business-to-consumer brands that have instituted customer retention/acquisition programs have strategies in the attractive category of Mover Marketing. When it comes to the lucrative bottom line, the greatest potential for payoff lies in the areas of customer experience, retention, and acquisition—categories ripe to deliver results for those savvy marketers who take the time to learn how to read them…and to implement them to the best advantage of their company’s unique place in the marketplace.


It’s worth noting in this study that nearly a third of these best-in-class users assign more than a fifth of marketing budgets to the category of Movers, nearly 75% more than those who choose not to mine this important group.


Preferred Methods.

As far as channels for reaching Movers go, Email, Personalized Offers, Rewards/Loyalty Programs and Direct Mail are in a virtual tie for first, all hovering around 42%; print advertising and segmentation follow, not far behind. It should surprise no one who follows these trends that Social Media plays a noteworthy part in this mix, as well.

The market categories in most demand for attracting new Movers are automotive, personal services, travel/hospitality, and professional services.

So, How Best to Make YOUR Marketing Move?

These figures are just so many dry statistics until, when as, and if a business attempts to utilize them to “Move” a company’s products or services…and that’s where the Marketing Professionals at nSightful come in. We’re experienced—kindly permit us to refer to ourselves as “MOVERS and Shakers”—in all areas of consumer marketing. Our proprietary list services come into especially productive play here, in helping companies like yours target those Movers in specific industries like Legal, Medical, Mortgages, to name a few. Our auxiliary areas of expertise here extend to useful specializations like cell-phone lists, auto-owner lists, ethnic subdivisions, and more.

We’d welcome the opportunity to meet with you to discover how best to claim your Marketing ownership of the dynamic Mover target segment, and the many advantageous ways you can harness its true potential. Along, the way, we can investigate other marketing challenges that may have piqued your curiosity. We’re equipped to present you with the most workable way to help you arrive at the happy conclusion that is your customer.

So, what are you waiting for? Make your “Move,” and contact us today.


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