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Singing the Praises of Multichannel Marketing…

And Not Putting All Those Eggs in One Basket.

There’s a reason why bromides like the one referenced in the headline endure: there is a lot of truth to them. There’s also much wisdom to acknowledging the value of diversification. We embrace it in our stock portfolios, we value it in the choices we face at the supermarket (and elsewhere), and, as Savvy Marketing Professionals, we appreciate what it can do to attract audiences and improve the company bottom line.

Marketing approaches have increased exponentially in just the last half-century. From the early (dare we say ‘simple’) days of snail mail, direct mail, and Email, we have rocketed into a Universe we could not have imagined even two decades ago.

Enter the arena of Multichannel Marketing, which has garnered accelerated attention in recent years, and for a myriad of valid reasons. Reliable research—such as that produced by the Hanover Group—shows that those brands who employ a strategy of Multichanneling enjoy: purchase frequency rates more than 85% higher; value of customer lifetime value more than 25% higher; and rates of customer retention approaching 90% more aggressive reporting than those who rely on just one or two channels. The numbers are too significant to be ignored.

These days, companies that are serious about getting their message across recognize the value of building a synchronized marketing effort that will course over multiple channels—a strategy that can amass optimal exposure and worthwhile interaction for your brand.

Even as your company moves to “put all your eggs” in various baskets, it’s important to remember it’s not enough to merely place them and expect them to hatch, as it were. You have to access your audience where, when, and how they are likely to engage with the brand of your company, or that of your client.

So, how best to assemble a strategy of Multichannel Marketing that works to the best advantage for you? The Marketing Professionals at nSightful have learned that the most effective Multichannel Marketing campaign works best when employing a closed-loop strategy that considers three essential elements:

> Zeroing in on Customers, Existing and Potential.

> Implementing the Best Multichannel Campaign.

> Monitoring and Evaluating the Campaign As It Progresses.

Our years of experience in constructing effective CUSTOM marketing plans have equipped us to guide a business through this process, which, admittedly, can appear intimidating. We recognize the complexity of the journey of purchase confronting the consumer, and we understand that that consumer faces a daily plethora of messages, each clamoring for attention; we “get” that each of those attempts can contribute to a conversation that can, hopefully, produce a sale.

Yet another factor to consider in launching a Multichannel Marketing Plan is the importance of Data, and how that will factor as an integral part of any such undertaking. The professionals at nSightful are experts in the areas of Data interpretation, and comprehensive, custom list construction. Data can prove invaluable in any attempt to identify a target audience, zeroing in on buying preferences, lifestyle behaviors, demographics, and more. The comprehensive services of nSightful extend naturally to analysis of Data, and its adjacent marketing areas, like Digital, Social, Lists & Data, Data Enhancement, Data Hygiene, and more…basically whatever approach will best help you grow your business.

When your company is ready to reap the significant advantages of Multichannel Marketing, we invite you to contact us to discover how you can best nest those eggs in those baskets that will do your business the most good. Let us demonstrate for you the many marketing paths available, and which ones you’d be wise to consider.


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