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Savvy Insurance Agents Benefit from High Quality Marketing Lists

The most successful insurance agents have learned to use the best resources available to them, and that includes targeted marketing lists that can make their businesses more effective.

More so than cornerstones of many industries, insurance agents are constantly on the lookout for the smartest way to market. Within this industry, the mean rate of a customer’s retention is strikingly high—consistently above 80%—and there are a host of factors contributing to this attrition. Customers die, relocate, or leave your agency in search of alternate service. If as much as 20% of your customers do abandon your firm, you’ll naturally want to move to replace them. To cite one example, a group of independent insurance agents in Texas recognizes that the insurance industry has extraordinarily high costs for customer acquisitions; a key part of your job, and your marketing, is cost control.

You can help your insurance business in this area by maintaining quality marketing lists that will target your audience with the greatest potential. A wide variety of mailing lists floods the marketplace, and a big part of your job is to determine which products you wish to promote. Here are just two examples of highly regarded and popular marketing list entities:

Spotlighting Supplemental Medicare Insurance

How best to reach those individuals who will presently turn 65? We suggest the “Turning 65 List,” which permits you to target those at a specified time when they start to sort out which insurance firm, and which policy on which to settle. Agents who target this group have the opportunity to disseminate their marketing costs, because it’s possible they will only be mailing out a small amount of pieces per month. Consider: if you spend about $275 on the marketing material, postage costs, and the list to as few as 200 individuals, and if you close just one sale from those efforts, you’ve recouped your marketing investment. Factor in the lifetime value of a solid new customer, and you’re likely to cultivate that customer for future insurance needs…health, auto, home, long-term care, etc.

The Value of Marketing Lists for Auto and Home Insurance

Our marketing industry likes to refer to these as “X-Date Lists”—areas where insurance agents can choose prospective customers by an expiration, or “X-Date.” This handy marketing convenience gives agents the luxury of mailing to their prospects monthly, thereby dispersing advertising costs over a lengthy period. Many insurance agents recognize that when they close on a new auto or homeowner insurance client, they enjoy a plethora of benefits in acquiring a new, satisfied lifetime customer. The “X-Date List” affords abundant data—such as specific purchase dates, detailed purchase amounts, square footage data, etc.—which opportunistic agents can use to their advantage. Additional information like email addresses and phone numbers can be added to the file, permitting the agent to reach prospects in a variety of ways.

The Marketing Professionals at nSightful are experts in the business of lists…as they apply to assemblage, customization, analysis, and more. We offer decades of data analysis experience in studying emerging trends; we examine in detail those tactics in fashioning a customized marketing list approach for what will work best for an individual company…like your insurance business, and especially your insurance business. You owe it to yourself to discover how lists can be developed into an advantage that can help that business. Let us show you how.


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