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nSightful’s Retail Client Case Study

A retail client sold through multiple channels including walk-ins, online, catalog sales, special events, trade shows, etc. They mailed out catalogs on a quarterly basis to customers and very effectively increased sales through up sell and cross sell offers. One day a long time client came into the store with 5 copies of the same catalog all addressed to him at his correct address. The store owner routinely ran hygiene processes and NCOA updates on their customer file to keep it as clean as possible.

Unfortunately their processing did a poor job at identifying duplicates across files. The customer used various methods to shop at the store. We ran a process on the client’s customer file and identified just 4% of the file as duplicates.

The client achieved two benefits from this processing.
1. They saw an immediate savings of over $7,000.00 in costs by identifying the duplicate contacts and reducing their wasted production costs.

2. They identified those clients who were multi-channel purchasers as well as those who were not. By identifying those who were single channel customers, they were able to increase awareness through additional marketing channels and increase incremental sales.

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nSightful's Retail Case Study


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