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My, How Things Have Changed (Forward 1 year)

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1 year ago, we started working from home. Reading the post I wrote back then is like reading from a time capsule. Here is a link to that article.…/my-how-things-have-changed…/

Wow! “a few things have changed” is a bit of an understatement. As I write this, I’m sitting in my home office that is a desk in a converted spare bedroom. We have been given a partial back to the office date of April 5th. Initial plans are to be in the office a couple days a week so we can keep the team socially distanced. Show of hands, who is really, really (really) tired of that term, “socially distanced”?

Some things I learned through this experience.

-I found out quickly that I needed a door between me and my furry security system that alerts me to all of the other dogs, leaves, people and invading aliens outside the house.

-STOP WATCHING THE NEWS CHANNELS! My blood pressure is much better now, thank you very much!

-“Talk” to people, don’t just text and email. Stay in touch with friends, clients, co-workers, vendors and prospects. Make the effort to reach out.

-Be nimble. Normal REALLY changed so ADAPT or, quite frankly, get left behind. My book of business was a see-saw this past year. I had clients and friends go out of business and projects disappear, BUT I saw new different projects come through, new needs became relevant and new businesses started that needed my services.

-Develop or be sure to maintain a hobby/interest outside of work. I found that my volunteer work at the Nebraska Humane Society to help our furry friends was a great channel to escape from work and the pandemic.

So as our country and the world begin to open back up in the next few months, utilize those things we developed this past year.

-Zoom! I saw a lot of clients faces for the first time ever. I was able to demonstrate our online count and order system instead of “talking” clients through it.

-I started a blog called “GoodMarketingThoughts” on YouTube so I can share thoughts, tips and some How-To’s on direct marketing, data and services.

-I’m picking up the phone to talk vs. sending an email. How did we function prior to email? Quite nicely as it turns out.

I’m choosing to look at my glass (beer glass) as Half Full not Half Empty. I don’t “have” to do anything, but I do “get” to work with some great people helping some great clients do some good stuff with their products and services.

Happy Hunting!

Greg Good

Greg Good

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