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Marketing to The Millennials

There’s a classic scene in the nutty 1993 film “Mrs. Doubtfire” where Robin Williams pleads his case as to why he should be hired to preside over a children’s program on an educational TV station to that station’s crusty, skeptical General Manager. “You mustn’t talk down to the children,” he entreats, advising him that you must communicate with them on their level, a strategy that—after much movie mayhem—ultimately lands him the position for which he petitioned.

To construct a parallel in the Marketing Universe, savvy marketers are advised to carefully consider all demographics…and that especially includes those busy Millenials. Born, roughly, between the years of 1980 and 2000, there’s nothing “rough” about this group’s value to those who are eager to create—and maintain—markets for their goods and services.

All too many of those of us in the group that has immediately preceded them have endured the gentle jibes of “Okay, Boomer,” but we’re all smart enough—or should be smart enough—to realize that we all occupy the same place on the same planet, and it’s to the mutual advantage of all of us to try to get along in that aforementioned Marketing Universe.

At nSightful, we take pride in keeping an eye on both emerging trends and the way we believe those might affect our clients. One case in point is a recent study conducted by the Harris Poll—“The New Mover Trends Report”—which details Millennials, in general, and those who are looking to relocate, in particular. Unlike many of their “more settled” predecessors, the Millennials are a notably mobile group, eager to pursue new geographic areas…and to research the goods and services available to them once they’ve settled.

The exhaustive report investigates and analyzes a variety of trends, especially as they relate to shopping behavior. Among the items under scrutiny are the amount of time invested prior to a move, researching what they expect to find in their new digs, and what purchase they expect to make, and how much they might anticipate to spend on their way to being freshly entrenched. The report is a fascinating, data-heavy glimpse into what just might possibly be a golden opportunity to marketers who are aware enough to adopt it.

Like much of the information swirling about in the current environment, such reports can be overwhelming to those who are trying to make sense of it. That’s where the Marketing Professionals at nSightful come in. It’s our job—indeed, our mission—to translate mountains of confusing figures into common sense language that can best benefit your business. We offer decades of Market Solution experience, and we combine that with the sharp, acquired eye we’ve developed to spot new trends. Our expanse of related services—including, but not limited to list/data management, digital interpretation, data hygiene, and more—helps deliver the message in ways that “a novice audience” might not have considered.

We’d be pleased to show you “The New Mover Trends Report” and explain how The Millennial message therein might be of benefit to the bottom line of YOUR business. More importantly, we could use our meeting to expand on the respect we have for all demographic niches—including established Baby Boomers and those busy Millennials, whose time has come…and whose time will continue to influence marketing decisions in all the days to come.

Those who recall “Mrs Doubtfire”—an endeavor masterminded mostly by those Boomers, and a huge hit with the Millenials who have granted it repeated viewings—know that the Robin Williams character landed the position with his experience and determination. That best outcome is similar to what we can do for your company. Contact us today. Let’s talk.


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