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Marketing Savvy in Times of Crisis.

Okay, we’re facing it. There’s no ignoring the way that the current Coronavirus is impacting almost every facet of almost everybody’s world—including that of your business. Many are wondering if they should stay their marketing course as we chart waters, that frankly, none of us has ever seen before. Though there are many issues to consider, the short answer—many experts contend the ONLY answer—is: Yes.

Everyone acknowledges that this has quickly become a worldwide crisis, one that has already affected all of us, to at least some degree. In going forward, the challenge for your business is to reassess your business, and revisit its goals. Whether you deal in necessities or so-called “luxury” items—and because no one can know how long this crisis will endure—it’s important to keep front of mind that your primary focus should always remain: Service.

Every Marketing Professional has an opinion on how best to maintain your business presence, but most experts seem to agree on key elements:

Do your best to not avoid the topic, but refrain from over-dramatizing. Don’t merely alter existing materials, but rather craft new approaches specific to developments, staying aware of the fact that those are likely to evolve quickly. Take care to make sure it does not appear you’re trying to capitalize on the situation to advance the personal interests of your company. Be sincere.

Consider offering “freebies” to keep your customer base engaged.

In troubling times, audiences especially appreciate being reassured. Reinforce to your customers how you can continue to help them, especially now. By all means, resist inducing anything that smacks of panic; rather, post messages that promote community, hope, and as much good feeling as you can muster.

Admittedly, most of these suggestions are business practices you should have been using all along, it’s just that they assume added importance now.

Redouble your efforts to monitor your data collection sources. Compare your information from period to period to see which approaches are working—and those that might require additional attention to make sure your message continues to come across in the best way possible.

Like any savvy marketer, you probably already pay attention to your feedback. But it’s more vital now than ever before to monitor customer comments diligently, to respond promptly and thoroughly, and, where appropriate, to engage interaction that might give you clues on how to deliver even better service/product.

We’re a full-service provider of marketing prospect data for direct mail, telemarketing, and/or email marketing applications. Our professional staff offers multiple years of experience across a myriad of direct marketing universes, services that are especially valuable during times of crisis like the one facing your business now.

Our on-line services include, but are not limited to:

Our Turbo Count & Order System allows you instant access to hundreds of data elements, AND the ability to run your own counts, place orders, generate invoices and activate private label capabilities. There are no costs to set up and use, so it’s budget friendly!

Turbo gives you access to data points for every household and business in the US. You can customize your list with hundreds of demographics and target specific geographies.

Our Professionals are transparent with the data you’re receiving, which allows you the opportunity to review and analyze your data, BEFORE you buy the list. Once you’re ready, you can download your custom list for immediate use on your next marketing campaign.

Soon after you register, you’ll receive a user ID and password, and be ready to go. Just log in, choose your geography and list criteria, run your count, and review your results. If you’re happy with the count, submit your order and download your list. It’s that easy!

You’ve done a good job of building a great list of your customers with postal information. Now it’s time to find their email addresses and market to them. Our nSightful experts can append email addresses to your customer or prospect lists that are comprised of business or residential addresses.

By appending email addresses to your database, you enhance your ability to reach customers, re-engage less active customers, and increase brand awareness.

We verify every appended email file before providing to our clients and work hard to provide our clients the most accurate match. This process helps eliminate invalid email addresses to protect your sender reputation and ensure optimal deliverability. We can help you build successful email marketing campaigns by leveraging our email Append services today. We’d be happy to tell you more!.

Our email subscription services are designed to fit your email marketing objective.

Whether you’re looking to reach your marketing universe on a weekly, bi-weekly, or monthly base, we have a subscription that will fit your needs. Our subscription services are ideal for businesses looking to increase brand awareness or promote special offers.

Our team works with YOU to select a subscription that fits your objective. For instance, say you have a back-to-school promotion, and your goal is to reach your marketing universe a minimum of four times the month prior to the start of the school year. Say you don’t have a creative team to design your HTML and need assistance. We’ve got you covered. We will handle everything from your creative to deployment, and post-deployment.

KEEP CALM, AND CONTACT US. Call 866-249-1977 or email

Again, we’d be pleased to confer with you to show you how efficient these systems are, and the many ways they can make your business keep humming during this crisis…and emerge even stronger once it has passed. 

Marketing Savvy


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