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Making the Most of Opti-Channel Marketing

Making the Most of Opti-Channel Marketing

As most savvy marketers are aware, there are many ways to get a message across…to reach the optimum market, and to deliver maximum results. When methods are used

strategically, and scientifically, it’s most possible to make sure that the right consumer receives the right message at the right time.

While many marketers continue to operate in a cross- or multi-channel fashion—taking a focused message and presenting it to the audience via an abundance of channels— many of these marketers are discovering the advantages of employing multi- or optichannel options.

Stated simply, opti-channel marketing involves combining channels to ensure that messages unite to create a more all-inclusive experience for the ultimate consumer.

Opti-channel utilizes not just the available channels, but pays attention to the data and technology that back them up…while opening the option of a customization that will personalize and target-base the overall marking strategy.

Whatever channel is used, the marketing message needs to harmonize in a way that is cohesive, one that will work to the best advantage of both sender and receiver.

A Four-Step Approach.

Throughout the remainder of Calendar 2021, marketers can look for four vital trends that will advance the opti-channel purpose, while keeping an eye on the best way to harness the procedure in effective marketing campaigns:

> Maintain Connection on A Local Level. The recent—and, sadly, ongoing—pandemic has taught marketers the value of communicating consistently on a local platform.

> Social Media Influencers and Podcasters Figure Prominently.  These relatively new channels are attracting a wider, and more responsive audience; theirs is a force whose time has come, and one that should be respected.

> Video Is Vital.  As people cocooned during the pandemic, video gained fresh legs as audiences grew more comfortable with streaming content. Its impact will only continue to grow, and it will become a more integral part of the opti-channel approach.

> Keep an Eye on the Niche Market.  Brand promoters have been making increasing use of target-marketing, focusing on geographic, and not just the stand-bys of demographics that focus on traits as race, age, gender, etc.

Always Consider the Big Picture.

There are so many marketing options available—seemingly, with more emerging constantly—to those wishing to advance their product or service. That’s why it’s vital for the serious marketer to consider nSightful…an experienced firm that can help novices and seasoned professionals alike navigate just what all is available, and how it can be best put to use. Direct Mail, for instance, will always be a force with which to be reckoned—and one which has a considerable place in the opti-channel universe. Sure, it’s a time-honored channel, but there are ways it can harness available technical advances as it rounds out the comprehensive marketing approach.

To cite one example: QR codes. As they enjoy an increase in use on printed materials, they’re becoming more popular with consumers, who realize what they can do for them.  Consumers will often be more receptive than we give them credit for, and they often expect a reason to click on the code. This is just one of the opportunities in one of the approaches marketers should at least consider as they prepare to market in the wondrous, emerging new world of opti-channeling.

Is Opti-Channeling Right for Your Business?

There are, of course, additional considerations, including the wisdom of using postcards, the science of using less copy that works harder in direct-mail communications, the value of positive messaging, and more.

We’d be happy to show you how your business can benefit from the myriad of marketing options available—including opti-channeling. We’re the professionals at nSightful…we offer decades of multi-marketing experience in studying emerging trends;  we examine in detail those tactics in fashioning a customized marketing approach for which media will work best for an individual company…like yours, and especially yours.

You owe it to your business to discover how issues like opti-channeling can be developed to an advantage that can help your business. We invite you to contact us today to get you started.

The nSightful Team


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