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It’s 2022.

And it’s important to pay attention to 21.5%

…and to the days of the week.

According to a recent annual report on benchmarks, Email marketing absorbed dual hits last year from both the persistent pandemic, and from Apple’s MPP platform. The tech giant has modified the way on which reports are made on Email opens, whose rate increased to 21.5%—up 3.5% from a comparable period of the previous reporting.

Additionally, owing to an adjustment in fluctuating marketing approaches in reaction to a new frontier in the face of marketing through COVID, Email click-through rates have declined, anywhere from .3% to 2.3%. Also—and largely as a result of MPP—there has been a decrease in Email click-to-open rates: from 3.6% to 10.5%. (The education arena accounted for the highest open [28%] and click [4.4%] rates.)

A curious trend has also emerged, that which confirms that the lowest click-thru rate (2.1%) occurs on Saturdays and Sundays, while the highest such distinction belongs to Tuesdays, at 2.4%. Conversely, Tuesday shares the highest click-to-open rate with adjacent Wednesday, at 10.8%, a full seven-tenths of a percentage point above, again the weekend days. Studies show that Monday is the best day for opens at 22%—an easy enough figure to remember, in light of this new year. 

The “Unsubscribe” subset remains consistent at 0.1%, regardless of the day of the week. Broken down by industry, the wellness/fitness field reports the highest rate unsubscribe, overall, 0.4%; by contrast, healthcare, and the omnibus category of fishing and hunting/agriculture/forestry clocked in at 0.3% each. The data would suggest that no isolated metric could ever hope to be a true indication of Email’s worth to an organization. 

What does all this mean to you, as a Marketing Professional? 

While Email will, for the foreseeable future, continue to be a viable consideration for any company’s communications path, its vagaries, fluctuations, and seeming inconsistencies pose significant challenges.

Enter nSightful. We’re here to assist the Marketing Professional of 2022 interpret complex data just such as this, and to explain how the evolving click-thru and click-to-open strategies can work to the best advantage of your firm. It’s our mission to make sure you’re mining the most efficient way to reach prospective customers and to grow those markets that will drive your sales.

We are well-versed in recognizing both the power and the latent peril that can lurk in the ins and outs of Email. Our years of experience have taught us how to both interpret and respect trends, and to keep these front of mind when devising a strategy for your business. In addition, our services naturally extend to analysis of adjacent marketing areas, like Digital, Social, Lists & Data, Data Enhancement, Data Hygiene, and more…basically whatever approach will best help you grow your company.

Numbers, Numbers.

Twenty-one percent. Calendar year 2022.  The term 20/20 is traditionally associated with clear vision…and we’ve always been all about that at nSightful. Contact us today, and let us demonstrate for you how to look your marketing challenge in the eye—in this fresh New Year, and beyond.


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