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Is YOUR Business Prepared To Profit from Multichannel Marketing?

It’s the way of the Communications World in the United States in 2020. Nearly 100% of consumers who are connected to the digital universe interact and transact via a variety of devices. This includes a surprising number—70%—who consider direct mail still more personal than other more recent digital avenues.

Viable marketing opportunities are more abundant now than at any other time in our history. Marketers who are attempting to reach as many customers as possible can often feel overwhelmed—as though they are trying to zero in on a target that keeps shifting. But it’s unwise to ignore the power of Multichannel Marketing. Putting all of your digital efforts in one basket could mean missing important markets, causing you to lose out on sales-ready leads.

Multichannel Marketing

Is A Most Savvy Strategy.

It can help both Business-to-Business and Business-to-Consumer markets cover all bases, increase reach, and improve the bottom line. In delivering a more consistent experience, your message can target across a wide spectrum of options including the often-overlooked but nonetheless all-important area of email. When you coordinate your campaigns and your data, you can also readily personalize your efforts and give your message presence virtually everywhere.

Refine Your Channels;

Improve Your Reach.

The trick is discovering which channels will most effectively disseminate your message. Analytics can assist marketers in assessing which channel is most beneficial to an individual campaign. When you can map your potential customer’s search, you’ll be best prepared to fine-tune your efforts, reduce duplication, and compensate for any areas you might have missed. For instance: if your search indicates that a customer initiates a search via desktop but makes his/her decision “on the run” using a mobile device, a sales funnel can help that individual move fluidly between those two channels—or even additional channels.

Touchpoints Talk…

AND They Make Money.

Smart marketers know that it can take as many as EIGHT hits before a viable sales lead is reached. Because consumers are exposed to thousands of messages daily, it’s unrealistic to suppose you make any headway from just one solitary touchpoint. The more a customer can learn about your product as he or she navigates a myriad of devices can reinforce opinion and help guarantee a sale.

A customer may garner additional information from a video via email, research it on a smartphone, and be prepared for just how much the item in question is going to cost when finally on line with a sales agent. The more exposure, the better.

Aligning Channels

Is Vital.

Historically, the most successful marketing campaigns use constant imagery, tone, language, and branding across the best available platforms. When your message sends inconsistencies, you risk confusing, alienating, and even losing the customer entirely. As you build content for one platform, you should be mindful of how that message will play across diverse alternatives.

Because so many shoppers circulate between various devices, it’s important to make “channel changing” as fluid as possible. By including, say, a QR close in a personalized email, you could link to a helpful video demonstration that can help seal the sale. Those customers who receive multichannel message spend, on average 10% more than those who are limited to a single lane. By treating each interaction as a smooth and continuing dialogue, your customers gain confidence in your brand and are more likely to repeat.

Scaling Your Data

Can Help Seal the Deal.

When you scale your data, you can scale your multichannelling campaign, and, as a result, attract more customers. When you have accurate data, you can fine-tune campaigns for maximum efficiency. Demographic and psychographic data can assist you in fashioning campaigns that will resonate with your sales target, because buying decisions are often reinforced by ample amounts of information. When you understand the specific challenges that confront your “ideal customer,” you can tailor your message—and dispatch it accordingly.

Your Audience Is Out There;

You Just Have to Find It.

You can identify your audience when you determine its needs, and verified mailing lists can give you the upper hand here. When personalized messages are delivered spam-free, with information that’s relevant, the sale is easier to close. By using enhanced data services, you use the most current information, and that helps you reach the customer most effectively.

Regardless of your target, accuracy is essential. Using databases of the highest quality reinforces the power that the source of your data is every bit as important as the data itself. It’s vital that you employ a solutions provider who updates materials and keeps them clean digitally.

In Summary.

Multichannel Marketing is here to stay, and it will only grow more essential to the success of your business in the future. Customers appreciate a provider who offers a pleasant experience, consistent performance, and ease of operation. When you have accurate data from a reliable source, you can better understand the needs of those you’re trying to reach, and communicate with them to your best advantage.

Verified mailing lists permit you to fine-tune your marketing efforts while preserving both personalization and a high level of quality. As you become comfortable relying on your data, you’re free to center on developing content that will reach those where it will do the most good.

Our nSightful Marketing Solutions Professionals are experts at Multichannel Marketing. Contact us today at 866-249-1977 to discover how well it can work for your business.

Multichannel Marketing


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