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Identity Resolution – “Resolving” to Make it Work in Your Favor

Identity Resolution is basically the utilization of Artificial Intelligence (AI) to mesh customer interactions in order to deliver a simplified customer overview. Though it’s not exactly new to the Marketing Technology Universe, it has lately developed the cache as a worker of minor miracles to combine your various data pools in order to make them work more efficiently—and to deliver a healthier result to your bottom line.

Like any complex technology, Identity Resolve carries a melange of real benefits, but also the baggage of unnecessary complexity. Wouldn’t it be nice to gather all of your customer data interactions at the personal level and convert that conclusion into something concrete and useful? It’s not that easy, because your customers tend to be “all over the board”—in multiple media, and on a dizzying array of devices. In addition, anonymous functions, along with those that limit identifying traits can produce data results that are confusing, misleading, or incomplete.

Historically, efforts at producing a complete, concise customer view have proven problematic, mostly because they have involved fashioning rules engines in which interactions can communicate with each other and be assigned to a solitary customer. Differing factors such as channels in use, individual customer experience, and the technology stack meant that rules engines had to be customized for each entity—a costly conundrum. AI to the rescue.

AI steers Identity Resolution to match logic rather than employ an analytical team. The AI algorithm basically replaces the rules engines, recognizing known matches, then legitimizing projected matches made by the algorithm. In delivering an all-important “Single Customer View,” most marketers realize better match rates, and cheaper solutions.

Identity Resolution, Simplified.

Though AI is admittedly ground-breaking, it will not necessarily produce more useful match rates. Single Customer View still carries additional challenges, like the pinpoint amassment of pertinent data. Like any analytic solution, AI can fall victim to malevolent data that can produce inconclusive results, and therefore validation and verification of matches made by AI must be monitored. It’s also important to remember that Identity Resolution is not likely to be marketed as a separate function any time soon. Rather, it will be assumed by bigger Marketing Technology solutions like Clouds, or CRM. True, if one waits to adopt Identity Resolution, one risks surrendering the problematic tasks of systematic integration to other providers, but one also loses the advantage of being a First Mover.

So…What’s the True Value Of Identity Resolution?

Savvy Marketers crave Single Customer View, which can help them see the big picture of interactions across the total customer experience spectrum. Additionally, it can assist them in generating proven justification for altering or refining significant blocks of that customer experience, and help lock in growth for the Brand.

Identity Resolution reprints a golden chance for Marketers to at last realize that elusive Single Customer View. The AI Application drives home an optimum solution—complete with improved match rates, at a lower cost. Though the evaluation of the technology surrounding Identity Resolution is not necessarily easy, it is welcomingly  straightforward. For the individual Marketer, the central evaluation query emerges: “When stacked up against current efforts, IS the Identity Resolution solution more cost-effective in creating that all-important Single Customer View?”

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