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Here’s to 2021: A Hopeful Look Ahead.

So, in that way it has, the calendar turns to present us with a New Year.
This year, perhaps more than any other in memory, presents us with special challenges. Over the past ten months, we’ve been faced with—and we’ve come to terms with—the global pandemic. We’ve emerged from the nadir of uncertainty and fear as we keep promising news of vaccines, even as we keep away eye on what might be a second wave of pandemic turmoil.

Whatever 2021 brings, we regard it with a recognition that it may yet be years before we return to anything we once regarded as “normal.” It’s worth noting that not all of the changes we have been forced to endure are necessarily bad, and it’s fortunate we are basically adaptable creatures as we regard how the future will continue to restructure the way we approach our individual worlds: the way we work, how we will travel, the means by which we juggle our health and our down time.

This sea change of attitude can serve as a motivating force for change of the positive variety. We, of necessity, must face up to the fact we have no choice but to step forward as we craft a brave, new world out of what we once regarded as business-as-usual. It’s pointless to dwell on the past; our energies are best served by placing them in the present and deciding what we do with them in the year to come. As always, an attitude of positivity is paramount.

We need to be aware that COVID-19 has accelerated the digital era timeline by easily a decade. We have never been fully aware that our digital pace had practically atrophied and here we are faced with the realization that we must step up our game, if we are to survive, if we are to thrive. As Digital Marketing Professionals, we have a fresh responsibility to continue and to improve upon our mission of communication, engagement, information dissemination, interaction, and instructing as we go.

Our services play an essential part in these processes. We must muster our adaptability skills in order to continuously adjust to the challenges the digital age tosses our way. We need to redouble our efforts to make sure our vital connections remain strong, and that they stand ready to serve all of us as we move forward. As the reality of working remotely morphs from transitory to permanent, we are faced with a journey of change that shows signs of enduring for the foreseeable future.

Let’s Get to It.

Savvy digital marketers will recognize that this is a significant shift of identity that will launch us into a world of wonder, a rethinking the way we do business, the way we live our lives.

With an eye on what has worked well for us in the past, we must map new directions that respect brands and revere our customer relationships, even as we keep a wary eye on what’s going on with the mood of global interaction. We respectfully present a set of guidelines to help achieve this:

Maintaining an Aura of Calmness: As change swirls about us, we, as responsible Marketing Professionals, need to stay on task with our messages of reassurance and coherence. Of course, we will stand ready to adjust as shifting currents dictate, but we must remain the pillars of steadfastness for which our clients have traditionally valued us. This is our time to reassert ourselves and our reputation of leadership that has brought us to this point of our success. Our clients look to us for guidance, and now is a new time to provide that.

Keeping Our Marketing Relevant: Customer activities have been compromised by the Covid, and clients have been forced to rethink the way they request and process their supply chains, along with their data. Mindful shopping is very much a part of the new world order, and it’s essential that the acumen that is part of a Marketing Professional’s DNA remains ready to serve clients viably as they navigate new terrain.

Resetting Our Approaches: Our “Inner Consumer” habits had been forced to adapt every time the year 2020 mixed up its assortment of curveballs, sliders, and change ups, and we have met the challenge honorably. The task now is to take what we’ve learned and apply it to the empty White Board of 2021, ready for potential along with a new skill set of prosperity. As Digital Marketing Professionals, we have the awesome opportunity to continue our valuable service in making sure that change works to the advantage of us all.

The Marketing Professionals at nSightful bring more than 30 years of experience to this exciting watershed of a New Year. We are experts at helping businesses large and small establish individual marketing universes, and in assisting them with the management and guidance needed to maintain such entities and helping them prosper. We wish you all the best for success in the wake of an unusual holiday season, in this unusual time. We would be honored to be part of your marketing plan for 2021, and beyond.

January 2021


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