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Helping Business Stay Strong in the Age of Coronavirus

Let’s face it. The current crisis has changed the way the Marketing Universe does business, and it looks as though we are all going to be challenged for the foreseeable future. Savvy marketers who have learned to reassess, adapt, and shift priorities are managing to remain viable as they fortify themselves to enter “the next normal”—whatever that may be.

As you attempt to navigate your business through myriad developments, many of which occur with frightening speed, we offer a list of provisos that can help guide you as they assure your way along the path:

Mind Your Cash
The economic terrain is evolving rapidly, often unstably, buffeted by unemployment increases and consumers who are reluctant to resume behavior that was deemed successful as recently as just six months ago. The purchase of high ticket products has been postponed, and buyers are being advised to consider lower-priced items. It’s never been more vital for your business to adopt similar practices. Don’t stop buying; just learn to buy more wisely.

Reassess Your Delivery Methods
Even as consumers slowly consider resuming shopping habits, shifting guidelines from governing bodies make such reentry problematic. The public has grown vastly more comfortable with product delivery—including digital content and download-friendly services—directly to the home, especially when this is accomplished with safety and convenience.

Learn Better to Listen
Now, more than ever, it’s to your advantage to pay optimum attention to the needs of your customers, most of whom are encountering disruptions across the very fiber of their existences, challenges they have never faced before. Effective communication with marketing providers can maintain—and improve—relationships and better equip them to deal with whatever other conditions might be waiting to happen.

Pay Attention to Basics
A conscientious marketing team will realize that the often-chaotic current environment has forced customers to shun extravagance and indulgence in favor of essential practices that have guided them to the level of success they enjoy today. Keep a watchful eye on conditions and be ready to advance when it looks like an upswing might be ready to ride; that will be the time to suggest additional services.

Seize the Opportunity
There’s never been a richer chance for you to solidify the relationship between you and your customers. This is the time for your marketing expertise to shine as you guide your charges, using the considerable arsenal of materials you have at your command. Suggest new marketing strategies. Steer the client to articles and books that reinforce twin purposes: advancing their businesses as well as your own, in your capacity as their partner in progress.

It is evident that each of us is charting new ground here. The Marketing Professionals at nSightful are experts in the diverse, related fields of List Services, Data Hygiene, Email Marketing, Email Hygiene and a plethora of additional ways to help YOUR business emerge from a troubling time and flourish in the “Next” Normal…however that comes to be defined.

We’re eager to show you the many ways we can help. Contact us today. Call 866-249-1977 or email

Stay Strong


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