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Generation Z Members Continue Their Influence, It’s Important Marketers Learn How Best to Reach Them.

Ah, Generation Z—like most ethnic separations, this group deserves its own set of considerations, specific to its place in the marketing spectrum. Having first arrived on the scene in 1997, today the oldest GenZers are about 25 years of age, just seriously assimilating themselves into the workforce. Their youngest counterparts, born around 2010, are just now hitting their teens. GenZers, having grown up with social media and smartphones, are infinitely more likely to broadcast their opinions online, more so than any generation that has preceded them. Many (otherwise) savvy marketers have erroneously assumed that GenZers have little use for Email; in reality, according to data collected in a respected national survey, revealed that nearly 60% of that valuable group do indeed check Email at least once a day, while many do so far more often than that.
And, even though some studies show that a small number of users under 30 consider Email a bit of a stressor, this tried-and-true marketing tool remains worthy of consideration for those with goods or services to ply—especially those wishing to access a growing market that is still developing and defining itself. Indeed, since upward of 65% of GenZers receive fewer than 20 of such daily communications, marketers can use this to their advantage, tapping into a vein competitors may have overlooked. Many GenZers contend they actually enjoy reading notices from brands two or three times a week. In truth, they still check Email in much the same way that the rest of us do, and they’re a long way from rejecting the avenue entirely. They realize that good news often arrives via Email, causing constant, if subliminal, assessment that encourages its continued use. At the very least, Email can function as a placeholder until an attractive alternative comes down the pike—and, given Email’s workhorse dependability, it will take something substation to usurp it.
Increasingly over the past few years, Generation Z has earned its place in both journalism and popular culture. Its members are firmly entrenched right behind Millennials, and Google Trends acknowledge that the group far outpaces other such demographic tags in relevant information searches. Generation Z is clearly a force that has arrived, one that looks to have staying power, and one which awaits the right forces to tap its amazing potential.
Enter nSightful:
The Email Experts.
We’re an established, results-driven Marketing Solutions firm that welcomes challenges just like this one suggested by Generation Z. We’ve practically cut our teeth on Email, and we understand both its potential and how best to use it to the advantage of forward-thinking firms looking to build customer bases, expand markets, and improve a company’s bottom line. Our Team of Marketing Experts can study a situation and advice how best to approach it—using Email, naturally, but merging that proven approach with additional entities such as Direct Mail, Telephone, and more. What’s more, we boast systems of hygiene that can help keep all such marketing efforts uncluttered, and true.
We’d welcome the opportunity to discuss with you how best to claim ownership of the fascinating conundrum that is Generation Z…along with other marketing challenges that may have piqued your curiosity. We are equipped to present you with the most workable way to help you arrive at the happy conclusion of the satisfied customer. 
Contact us today and let us show you the best way to the hearts, the minds, and the payment methods of Generation Z.
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