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E-mail—An Estimable and Enduring Marketing Avenue

AUGUST, 2021

Email—An Estimable and
Enduring Marketing Avenue

The Marketing Professionals at nSightful have expounded repeatedly on the advantages of Email’s role in attracting new customers, maintaining a current customer base, and even resurrecting past clients and reintroducing them to a company they may have forgotten.

Recent developments reinforce our stand. During the recent COVID-19 Pandemic, Email reestablished its importance as a channel for promotion, rising to first from its 2018 third-place status. In that time, Email’s rate of redemption averaged almost 40%, nearly double what it had been just two years previously. A professional study revealed that Email led the pack in its reach effectiveness (38%), besting the Internet (32%), search engines (30%), and perhaps most surprisingly, social media, which clocked a mediocre rating of just 26%.

Whether these trends continue through the remainder of 2021 of course remains to be seen, but those who watch these trends have every reason to believe that Email will remain a formidable force. Email has held its own in the web area of Food & Beverage, and its rate of effectiveness has outdistanced alternative media. In the area of Personal Care, Email’s redemption continues its respectability, and, indeed, the long-standing communication channel has in recent years dominated the category of Animals & Pets.

With more than 40 years of experience in delivering Marketing Solutions to a wide variety of clients, the experts at nSightful have grown to respect the value of ALL channels a company might employ to attract and maintain customers. In the venerable Email arena, our marketing product model continues to evolve as a most effective B2B or B2C communications channel. Our access to hundreds of data points and demographics can help your business define, maintain, and grow its marketing universe, sensibly and effectively. As experienced Email marketing professionals, we can determine if That medium might be your best approach, and we can guide you through the process of creating a successful program that utilizes Email industry best practices, a path that will deliver best results for your bottom line.

Our services naturally extend to analysis of adjacent marketing areas, like Digital, Social, Lists & Data, Data Enhancement, Data Hygiene, and more…basically whatever approach will help you grow your business.

In short, We offer decades of data analysis experience in studying emerging trends; we examine in detail those tactics in fashioning a customized marketing approach for which media approach will work best for an individual company…like yours, and especially yours. You owe it to your business to investigate if Email may be the best avenue for your individual situation, and we invite you to contact us so that we might discuss which marketing path will work to the best advantage of your operation.

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