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Donor Case Study

Overview of Needs
Agency of choice was looking to increase donations for the
holiday season. There were 38 non-profit clients which included
animal and food charitable organizations.

Prospects came from a radius around each location.

The benefits for the organizations, in addition to donations, were to create public awareness and support.

Making sure the campaign was cost effective

Targeting contacts who were not previous donors, all prospects were new to the cause and the organization.

Outlined needs and wants for each non-profit organization.

A suppression file was used to remove all previous donors from the campaign.

Using nSightful’s database, we were able to identify first time donor prospects.

Made sure everything was mobile friendly and east for recipients to donate online.

Deployed a total of 10,000,000 emails (3 sends of 87,000 for each client) spaced 30-45 days over the holiday season.

Estimated online donations accounted for $942,000 or an average of $24,000 per non-profit organization.

Donation Case Study


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