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Data—Driving the Role Of Marketing Managers

Ah, Data. Marketing Professionals are quick to recognize that they can’t live without it, just as they have come to respect the reality that oftentimes they can’t necessarily live WITH it. Data can be intimidating in the power that it wields; it has been compared to—drawing on Greek mythology—the boulder that Sisyphus, King of Corinth, was doomed to forever try to roll up the mountain in Hell, after Zeus banished him there. Hercules didn’t have things much easier when he had to shovel out those Augean stables, and even Mickey Mouse, as The Sorcerer’s Apprentice in “Fantasia” was in over his head when he unleashed all that water.
Such is the overwhelming force Data can sometimes seem to be, and it’s a conundrum that weighs particularly heavily on a firm’s Marketing Department, and, by extension, on its Chief Marketing Officer. Many Marketing experts contend that Data is changing the role of the CMO, but it is probably more correct to say that it has disrupted that role. 
The function of the CMO has historically centered on his/her ability to be an expert in the areas of campaigns and communications. But in the fast-evolving Marketing Universe of today, the CMO not only has to have a grasp of E-commerce, that CMO also has to be skilled in the niche of expertise in customer experience. An understanding of the customer’s entire holistic journey is not so much helpful as it is essential. That knowledge, when viewed in context with its horizontal impact across the organization—dissecting advertising, media, innovation, and everything else—can clarify the big picture for the CMO and help prepare the organization for a better approach to the company’s ultimate Marketing goal.
Consider, if you will, just the single element of Video. In its infancy, the medium was static, of notoriously poor quality, and chiefly confined to television. In 2022, Video is mobile, interactive, seemingly omnipresent, and delivered with startling clarity. The evolution is similar with Data, which is of higher quality than at any point in its (brief) history. The Challenge…How can we accept this Data and shape it into an insight that’s prepared to act? Data’s markedly improved quality and accelerated physical numbers have made the CMO’s job geometrically more complex; the way the CMO approaches this information will not only chart a course to deliver an action but also one that will positively affect the corporation’s bottom line.
The upbeat fact remains that the sheer amount Data from an almost endless barrage of media, channels, platforms, and devices creates an opportunity for Marketers to present a personal, one-on-one customer experience of a quality previously thought unimaginable. When these opportunities are leveraged adroitly, a firm with a zillion customers can manage an experience every bit as targeted as one with fewer than 50 customers. Savvy Marketers will find themselves seeking the technology that can best mesh with the goals of the company; they will find themselves asking which overlooked Data sources need to be investigated. These are but mere examples of questions Marketers have posed since the beginning of Technology, but they arrive on the docket today with a complexity that must be untangled before it can be properly implemented.
The programmable media industry has bloomed exponentially since as recently as even a dozen years ago, and Data remains more important than ever as a currency that will define Marketing in the 21st Century. Any forward-looking business cannot afford to be satisfied with one-dimensional flat reactions and innocuous website hang-times or frequency scores. Marketers who are open to the brave new world of Data’s impressive potential are discovering how to craft decisions in real time on media distribution at a dizzying pace that few of us could have foreseen.
So…what’s the Data Situation in YOUR corporation?
It’s time to introduce your Data to 2022, time to get it organized, optimized, and relevant and ready to reach its full power. It’s time for the Data Marketing Professionals at nSightful.
We’re an established, experienced, results-driven Marketing Solutions firm that specializes in the many facets of Data. We understand both its potential and how best to use it to the advantage of forward-thinking firms looking to build customer bases, expand markets, and improve a company’s bottom line. Our Team of Marketing Experts can study a situation and advice how best to approach it—tweaking Data, naturally, but, when appropriate, merging results with additional entities such as Direct Mail, Telephone, and more. What’s more, we boast systems of Data hygiene that can help keep all such marketing efforts uncluttered, and true.
As a CMO, haven’t you been trying long enough to roll that boulder up that hill, and haven’t you labored long enough in attempting to bring some order to that stable? Maybe your staff is weary of trying to keep their heads above that deluge of Data, eager to calm the waters and help it make sense of itself.
Contact us today. We can help with that.


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