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Data Append: Turning your database into an asset that will really deliver for you

The strength of multichannel marketing is that you can establish a variety of different touchpoints with each prospective customer. When you can reach people by e-mail, by phone, by text, by push notifications via an app or their browser or social media activity, you are clearly improving your chances of successfully engaging with them.

Obviously one challenge here is the ability to achieve effective engagement across different platforms. But before you even tackle that challenge, you need to tackle a more fundamental one: You need to have the information that allows you to achieve these multiple touchpoints.

Companies do their best to acquire complete customer data, but most find that they end up with some holes. You may have the name and mailing address, but not the e-mail. Or you may have the e-mail, but not the phone number. Or you may have all of the above, but you lack deeper insight and intelligence about the customer’s interests and basic demographics like age and income.

That’s where data append comes in. Data append helps you fill in the gaps in your customer information. One of the benefits of data append, especially when it comes to e-mail, is that you can also have the service test the e-mail addresses to ensure they’re valid and can actually receive messages. Obviously a lot of people have had various e-mails over the years, and getting a list of 10 or 15 per person doesn’t help your database much if the vast majority of them are obsolete. By testing the e-mail addresses, the data append will only give you the ones you can actually use.

Perhaps even more powerfully, data append can also give you a lot of insight into a customer’s lifestyle, buying preferences and more. That puts you in an excellent position to target your multichannel outreach and connect on a more personal level with the people on your list.

A lot of companies don’t value their databases as they should, and perhaps one reason is that the databases aren’t complete enough to serve as the powerful marketing tool they could and should be. Data append can turn your database into the kind of asset you’ll really use to help grow your business.

Data Append


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