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Consumers Are Accelerating Expectations from Their Email

Consumers Are Accelerating

Expectations from Their Email.

As calendar 2021 draws to a close, smart marketers realize that the demands of the consumer are constantly evolving…AND ramping up as those consumers make greater requests of technology and specific brands. A particular phenomenon of the pandemic is the way that it has sharply redefined the way that Email is regarded by consumers; it’s estimated that in excess of 68% of consumers still consider the steady, sturdy medium as the optimum channel for brands to utilize in the marketing process. 
And, though the needs of consumers will almost certainly continue to shift, consumers look as though they will remain loyal in their expectations of the medium, specifically in its ‘best practice’ approach. This is good news for marketers who are savvy enough to realize that, regardless of their budget, resources, or maturity of their Email systems, the effective reach of  a target audience is eminently attainable.
Here are just a few key points to consider as you assess the way your Email approach can best help you zero in on potential customers, and close the sale:
Remember Mobility. 
Individual Email ownership changes constantly, and most users have at least two Email addresses; a significant number choose to use either or both of these to receive their marketing messages. Many marketers have discovered that a mobile-first approach can be the most effective way to market, especially to those on-the-go…as so many of us are these days. Though many consumers will continue to rely on the ‘more stationary’ methods of desktops and tablets to glean their information, an ever-increasing number appreciate the immediacy of the mobile delivery, a practice that must be factored into the marketing strategy for your business.
Mind Your Essential Information.
The ever-dependable In-Box remains the best place for brands to deliver messages that will be saved, stored, and (hopefully) acted upon when the time arrives for the consumer to arrive at a purchase decision. To this end, Email will always be a convenient place to store a plethora of information, like bills, receipts, special offers, and the like—a 21st Century equivalent of a more traditional filing cabinet, if you would. Triggered emails have become essential ways to share timely information in an effective manner…without straining resources.
Additionally, follow-up Emails can encompass the kind of information that consumers may wish to retain, or to consult at the completion of a transaction; these post-purchase reminders should be set into motion as soon as the purchase is made, as they offer consumers the additional reassurance that comes with comfort of knowing their decision was a wise one. It’s especially helpful when such emails include specific details like order confirmation, details on the product in question, delivery times, etc.
Consider the Return on Investment.
Emails, of course, do more than just deliver information. They help establish a bond—electronic, to be sure, but a bond nonetheless—between your firm and your consumer. It’s a connection that can continue, and a relationship that can grow, with follow-up communications that can offer specials and otherwise engage your consumer in ways that the two of you can continue to do business.
The extensive experience of the marketing professionals at nSightful recognizes the value of Email, and the many ways it can work to the best advantage of your business. In addition, our services naturally extend to analysis of adjacent marketing areas, like Digital, Social, Lists & Data, Data Enhancement, Data Hygiene, and more…basically whatever approach will best help you grow your business.
In short, We offer decades of data analysis experience in studying emerging trends; we examine in detail those tactics in fashioning a customized marketing approach for which media approach will work best for an individual company…like yours, and especially yours. You owe it to your business to investigate if Email may be the best avenue for your individual situation, and we invite you to contact us so that we might discuss which marketing path will work to the best advantage of your operation.


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