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Congratulations. Your Marketing Strategy Survived 2020. Here’s How to Help Make It Thrive in 2021.

Until the COVID-19 reared its unfortunate pandemic head, Calendar Year 2020 was on track to be a record-setter for many businesses. Sadly, many have fallen by the wayside, but the savvy (and fortunate) firms have found the wherewithal to survive while navigating these uncharted waters.

As business gears up to tackle a most unconventional holiday season, the Marketing Professionals at nSightful present a Strategy Template to help guide your company.

There’s No Time Like the Present—And the Future—for Marketing Strategies.
Conventional holiday marketing approaches, because of the COVID, are a thing of the past. Thankfully, those businesses who are prepared to adapt can face new challenges for the opportunities they’ll provide in the months going forward. To that end, we’ve assembled a compendium of helpful strategic suggestions to steer you through what’s coming and to keep your Marketing Strategy on course.

1. E-Commerce: More Important Than Ever.
Make sure you have an online store to support your traditional bricks-and-Mordor model.

2. Rethink Time-Honored Sales Strategies.
Frantic door-buster type promotions are likely not to work as well as they once did, with consumers having grown more discriminating about the way they shop; online is huge.

3. Small Businesses Are Positioned to Flex.
Customers have become increasingly aware of the value of local merchants who are oftentimes better equipped to address immediate needs. Make sure your business is prepared to take advantage of this emerging trend.

What’s New on the 2020 Shopping Landscape?
Social distancing and learning offline have forced families to adapt as they reassess their priorities and routines, and group gatherings and travel have been significantly deemphasized. Make sure your products and/or services are prepared to respect these changes.

Contactless delivery has also rocketed to prominence. You’ll want to make sure your company’s fulfillment strategy stands ready to accommodate.

Mind Holiday staffing. There will almost certainly be a shortage of workers this year, so it’s up to you to learn how to hire smarter.

Enter nSightful.
The nSightful Marketing Specialists are poised to help your business navigate through the pitfalls of any specialized scenario—and we’re not just limited to the holidays.

We continually remind our clients of the importance of varied marketing strategies, including direct mail and email. With more individuals home-bound, these conventional methods of communication have assumed a fresh relevance. We’re experts at crafting customer approaches that can cut through the email clutter to deliver the audience that’s most ready to act—individuals that will do your business the most good.

Ditto, Digital Marketing. On average, a prospective shopper will make at least eight visits to a retailer before committing to purchase. A strategy of multi-channel marketing will help streamline this process and help speed a sale. In addition, a focus on retargeting can help advance rates of conversion.

Most Importantly—Plan Ahead.
It may already be a little late to maximize a strategy for the current season, but by acting now, your business can make the most of a changing, challenging marketplace. Continue reaching out to your customer base. Your particular industry and your individual customer base will determine your best course of action. Examine what’s proven successful in previous campaigns, and employ those best practices, both during the holiday season and in the months going forward.

A few helpful guidelines:
Continue to promote early, and to promote often.

Stage a promotional giveaway, to help gauge approach efficiency and to create a new customer.

Mind messaging on your website, making sure you highlight promotions, maybe introduce a countdown timer to suggest urgency.

Alert your affiliates and partners, as early as possible. Keep them abreast of your marketing path so that they’re prepared to take maximum advantage of your affiliations.

Always remember the importance of customer service. Customers in 2020 are likely to have more questions than in previous years, so make sure you’re prepared to take care of them in the way that they’ve come to expect from you—and trust in you.

The Marketing Professionals at nSightful are experts at helping businesses large and small establish individual marketing universes, and in assisting them with the management and guidance needed to maintain such entities and helping them prosper. We wish you all the best for success in this unusual holiday season, in this unusual time. We would be honored to be part of your marketing plan for 2021, and beyond.

Merry Christmas, and Happy (Data) New Year!  

Marketing Plan 2021


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