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June is kind of a big deal here in Omaha.  The NCAA College Men’s Baseball World Series comes to town.  According to a Chris Decker from University of NE-Omaha, it is a $70 million boost to our local economy over those 2 weeks in June.  The CWS has been here every June since 1950, except last year because of the “4-letter word” (yes, I know it has 5 letters) that has been disrupting everything.  And even better news, yesterday the NCAA announced that the CWS will be played in front of live fans at 100% capacity!

According to BSM Media, 90% of families will be going someplace for vacation this summer and 44% of moms are planning multiple trips this summer.  I’m speculating the CWS is in those plans for some.

Our ConsumerVision file helps you target those moms.  Add filters for types of travel, sports, hobby, fitness, outdoor, pets, and other interests.  Reach out to them via postal, phone and email channels.  See more at ConsumerVision

Greg Good

Greg Good



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