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Attention, Marketers…Is That Phone of YoursLiving up to Its Smartness Potential?

Attention, Marketers…Is That Phone of Yours Living up to Its Smartness Potential?

Consider the lordly smart/mobile phone: prince of our pockets, purses, and backpacks, and our constant companion for almost every facet of our daily life. Just think of all the functions it enables, and of the many bygone devices it has supplanted. It’s our Rolodex—younger readers may wish to Google that term—our day planner/calendar, travel alarm, camera, photo storage, temple of our texting. And, oh yes, it remains true to its original, simpler purpose: it is our telephone.
Marketers who try to reach and retain customers respect the power of what this 21st Century Marvel has become; they realize that many end-users look primarily to the phone for interactions and sales with those who are trying to reach them. Email, however, ranks an important second in this dynamic exchange. 
But before we crown the phone the almighty King of Marketing Transactions, let’s make sure we acknowledge its drawbacks. We need an ongoing reminder that carriers still aren’t doing enough to control and monitor those annoying spam calls. A recent noted, respected national survey/study confirms what savvy marketers have long suspected about phone users and their habits. Not surprisingly, those consumers who were polled divulged that they look primarily to their devises to handle phone conversations—their original intent, remember?—but Email transactions and, of course, texting are also significant channels for those who might be candidates for your goods or services. Website Chatbots, video calls, and other miscellaneous usages compromise a much smaller sphere of function influence.
It should surprise no one to learn that customers have grown habitually accustomed to ignoring calls, especially those that carry a number with which the user is unfamiliar; it’s a caution born out of the earlier phenomenon associated with spam Email. In calendar 2021, that aforementioned study/survey revealed that there were more than 115 billion fraud and spam calls uncovered in six countries studied. Of greatest importance to us are those in the United States, which broke down to roughly 18 such instances, per user, per month.
A significant number of businesses missed out on a deal because they were unable to connect with a prospect by phone, according to the study. Those firms readily agreed that they would pay a premium per call in order to supply a caller ID That would be branded, and therefor be more likely to appeal more readily to the person on the other end of such a call.
So…what’s the Answer, for the Marketer?
Today’s Marketing Universe is a rich and fertile bed of opportunities for those companies who are receptive to a marketing plan that respects smart phone strategies and other myriad opportunities that are ripe for harvest in that amazing little device. Such are the marketing plans offered by nSightful. With our vast experience in monitoring and researching marketing avenues—both long-standing and upstart—we’ve come to recognize which solutions work best for which scenarios.
We’ve been around long enough to recall what it was like in those distant days when none of us had that trusty smart phone companion. It wasn’t all that long ago, when we’d wake to a travel alarm, for instance, and ask the host with whom we were staying if we could use his or her desktop computer to issue a boarding pass for the flight we were taking later that morning; heck, we might have even consulted that ancient Rolodex to obtain a contact number.
Times change, and nSightful is right on top of them. With our extensive experience, and proven, evolving business models, we can show your company how to get the best bang for the consumer buck, be it smart phone targeting, Email management, or a combination of the two…or more. We’re experts in fashioning strategies that will generate the maximum customer response. Oh, and we’re also proficient in the areas of data interpretation, including data hygiene, and other approaches that may not have even occurred to you.
What are you waiting for? Grab that phone—we know it’s close by—and give us a call at (866) 249-1977. We’d welcome the opportunity to discuss with you how best to approach the smart phone conundrum and other marketing challenges, and to present you with the most workable way to help you arrive at the happy conclusion of the satisfied customer. We suspect just such a target is eager and waiting to hear your message on his or her phone. Contact us today, and start finding out for yourself just how smart that phone of yours can be in your marketing.


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