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Addressing Email For Calendar 2022

So, the Marketing year draws to an end…and what a year it has been! America has cautiously awakened from the global pandemic, adapting all the way, even as her citizens entertain a new sense of Awareness as to just how rapidly events can disrupt their best-laid plans. Consumer buying habits have adjusted. Many Marketing channels have undergone significant changes, including necessary—some long overdue—upgrades, and attempts to rectify past miscues. There is much to be thankful for, and optimistic about, moving forward.

As Marketing Professionals, this is a good time to once again re-evaluate our relationships with an old and dependable channel- friend: Email. As we enter 2022, many studies indicate most Email senders express upbeat confidence in their operations, and in the way that the medium delivers company messages to the consumer. More than 86% of Marketers polled recently indicated that Email will continue to play a viable function, going forward. But they realize they face a lengthy laundry list of challenges that include—but are by no means limited to—the following:

  • Improving quality of delivery.
  • Meshing Email effectively with other forms of data delivery.
  • Evaluating overall performance, while ascertaining return on investment.
  • Creating a viable blanket strategy…and then making sure that the vision of that strategy is maintained, adapting as needs arise.
  • ALWAYS increasing engagement.

Of course, additional factors will always come into play. And the savvy Marketer will keep a constant and consistent eye on the ongoing importance of permeating issues such as privacy and personalization…especially as they apply to content that should encourage interaction and design that must invite involvement that leads to the eventual, hoped-for sale.

 While keeping all this in mind, promoters must also consider that there ARE more slices to the marketing pie chart than Email alone. Additional driving marketing forces include the ever-formidable force that is Social Media. Even with that latter entity’s well-publicized problems in recent month, trend-watchers continue to agree that it is, like indoor plumbing, here to stay. (As an aside, it’s encouraging to note Social Media, has of necessity, moved to atone for its “sins” and make the adjustments required to keep its place in the Marketing picture valid.)

The Marketing Professional of 2022 considers all of this in the big picture, maintaining focus on the additional, old dependable areas of message delivery, including click-thru rates, conversion rates, return on investment and the other workhorses that help to deliver a healthy bottom line.

YOUR Marketing Professionals at nSightful are well-versed in recognizing both the power and the latent potential of Email. Our years of experience have taught us how to both interpret and respect trends, and to keep these front of mind when devising a strategy for your business. In addition, our services naturally extend to analysis of adjacent marketing areas, like Digital, Social, Lists & Data, Data Enhancement, Data Hygiene, and more…basically whatever approach will best help you grow your company.

We wish you a most joyous holiday season, and we’d be delighted to share with you our thoughts for helping make 2022 the most successful year—spoiler alert: Email WILL play a part—yet for your business.

Happy New Year to All!


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