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7 Tips for the Perfect Subject Line

Out of the 205 billion email messages that are sent per day, how many of them catch your attention?

A first impression is everything; a great subject line could make or break your chances at peaking someone’s interest. Regardless of whether or not your email gets opened, your subject line will be seen.

7 Tips for the Perfect Subject Line:

1).  Keep it short: Less is more, subject lines with fewer than 50 characters have open rates at 12.5% or higher, the click-through rates of those emails are 75% higher. (Source: Constant Contact)

2).  RE: or FW: In addition to annoying your recipients using RE: or FW: in your subject lines can trigger spam filters. This has been a common practice of spammers and frankly, most of your customers are too smart to fall for it.

3).  Tell the Truth: Don’t mislead your subscribers. If your subject line doesn’t match your message recipients could be confused and your email could be flagged as spam.

4).  Numbers: When used correctly, using numbers in a subject line could help your open rates. People love numbered lists and promise the reader this won’t take long. However, try to stay away from percentages as they may be to sales-y

5).  Questions: Questions are a great way to engage your reader’s curiosity. Many times a question will persuade your readers to open the email in search of an answer.

6).  Emojis: Emoji symbols are a new trend in subject lines. They get your attention, but not all email platforms support such characters so proceed with caution.

7).  Preheader Text: Preheader text is the subject line’s lesser-known brother. It is a short summary of text shown after the subject line. Many email builders allow you to create a custom preheader in the header of your email, it can also be done manually in HTML. Preheaders give the recipient more info before they proceed to open it.

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