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5 Email Marketing Tips For a Successful Marketing Campaign

E-mail marketing is one of the most effective ways to gain customers and increase your profits. Here are 5 tips as you start putting together your next e-mail campaign. As you will see these 5 tips cover points that are suggested or required. Next week we touch on content within your message.

1. Don’t forget the preheader and footer: The preheader is like a one line elevator speech. Make it a call to action, or use it as a short summary of the content. Make sure it is tied to the subject line. It needs to be kept below 100 characters. The footer is the last item to see so make it shine.

2. Subject line: Check for typos and make it personal. Subject lines are often cut short depending on device or service provider. Space guidelines are as follows: desktops show 60 characters with mobile devises showing 25-30 so stay within your limits.

3. Business Address: Your campaign and creative must include the physical address of your business.

4. Unsubscribe webform/links: The unsubscribe link is required in the creative. You may use your own opt-out language or our standard opt-out is available.

5. Social Icons: All social icons need to be double checked to make sure they are linked correctly. These will reflect well within your campaign, and also help organic search on your website.

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