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2024 Direct Mail Strategy

As you plan your sales and marketing for 2024, you want to get more results with fewer resources. One of the ways you can do that is by using direct mail. Direct mail is a proven marketing method that can reach more unique physical addresses than any other marketing medium.


Some of the benefits of direct mail are:


  • Increased engagement and visibility among consumers who receive a lot of emails.
  • Expanded audience that includes people who prefer tangible mail.
  • Greater creativity and control over the design and layout.
  • Personalization and targeting options to match your audience.
  • Improved recall and emotional response due to physical media.


Direct mail can help you reach the largest number of TARGETED prospects and then follow up with email for multi-channel approach.  Use QR codes to drive them to your website or your physical location.


What you send them should be simple and easy to read. It should match what you are selling and who you are selling to.


How often you send to them should depend on how frequently they need your product/service. Recent statistics suggest it takes as many as 18 touches to generate a viable sales lead.  Keep the message fresh and relevant to the audience.


Who you send your message to should be your ideal customers. Your direct marketing advisor can help you find them by asking you some questions. You should have a core group that is in your “sweet spot” that you want more of.


After you have done a mailing or two, evaluate the outcomes. Test different demographics and messages to see what works best.


Typical direct marketing acquisition campaigns will yield <1%-2% response rates. More targeted, specific offers may see higher results, but don’t be fooled by unrealistic claims of 15%, 20% or higher response rates. These are rare and usually come from mailing to customers or long time prospects.


And finally… Do something! All of your clients will go away at some point. Don’t stop marketing! Think of it this way…McDonald’s, Pepsi and Budweiser don’t spend $1 million dollars a day on advertising because you don’t know who they are! They spend that money to keep themselves top-of-mind when you are hungry or thirsty.


Happy Hunting!


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