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11 Email Marketing Tips For a Successful Marketing Campaign

Did you know that Email Marketing is 40 times more effective than Facebook or Twitter when it comes to gaining new customers? It’s important that you do it right to maximize your marketing efforts. With that being said, here are 11 Email Marketing Tips you should incorporate in your email marketing plan:

1. Don’t forget the preheader: A preheader is the text that follows the subject line in an email preview. Make it a call to action or use it as a short summary of the email content. Make sure it ties in to the subject line and keep it below 100 characters.

2. Short and sweet: Short and medium-length subject lines have higher open rates than long ones, which ultimately affects conversion rates. Subject lines are often cut short depending on device or service provider, so limit them to 50 characters or fewer.

3. Break it up: Consumers tend to scan emails for important points that pertain specifically to them. Divide your email into bulleted text and short paragraphs for better readability.

4. Make the CTA shine: Differentiate your call to action through color, placement, and text treatment. Readers will quickly understand the purpose of your email and will make it easier to act on it.

5. Know what works: Set a benchmark for success. Gather data on previous email campaigns to see what subscribers responded to before — and where there’s room for improvement. Were there periods of high engagement or mass unsubscribes? Understand your history.

6. Keep it simple:
 Try to focus each email on one message.

7. Cadence: You’re creating a relationship with the subscriber, so set expectations and be reliable. Use your content to help them get to know your brand better. Readers should know what to expect from your messages. Maintain a look, feel, voice, and schedule.

8. Deliver Meaningful Content: Be accurate and to the point with your message. The client or prospect will appreciate you being on direct.

9. Be Consistent Short and sweet: Your marketing program has to be consistent by frequency and volume. This is important internally and externally. You stay in front with your branded message while keeping you IP’s warm and with good reputations.

10. Staying in the Know: Why is your audience receiving this message? Are you addressing what they want? Focus less on the sell and more on their needs.

11. Tell a Story: Think how the customer will see you and your brand. What is your brands story? Give a peak or inside look into what make your company tick.

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