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Bankruptcy Database

Whether you are targeting individuals that have recently filed for bankruptcy protection or those whose bankruptcies have been discharged, nSightful’s Bankruptcy file offers a fully selectable database.

Total Universe: 17,430,661
Phone Numbers: 2,796,481 

nSightful’s Bankruptcy File is compiled from courthouse records and thousands of public records all over the United States.

In addition, our Bankruptcy file can be used as a suppression flag on customer files. With additional personal and household demographics you have greater flexibility to pinpoint segments of consumers looking to rebuild their credit.

Selections and Counts
Discharge Date – 11,086,973
Dismissed Date – 861,688
Filing Data – 12,585,355
Bankruptcy Type – 12,585,355
Discharge Type – 11,082,926
Dismissed Type – 824,706

Marketing Uses
Our Bankruptcy File is ideal for: realtors, mortgage brokers, auto dealers, credit repair services, secured credit card offers, and more.

Case Number

Chapter 7, 13

Discharge Data & More!