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Anonymous Web Visitor Retargeting

You Can
  1. Identify in-market consumers/businesses for your products & services
  2. Increase your marketing effectiveness
  3. Decrease your sales cycle to drive higher conversions/ROI
Our Process

You will be able to identify in-market audiences (Best Prospects) by removing the anonymity of the audience. Our closed-loop solution will help you deliver targeted campaigns across multiple channels.

How It Works:

Step 1

The Web Visitor engages with your website thru multiple devices.

Step 2

The Tag (Pixel) on website captures the Web Visitor IP address/URL, Mobile Device ID.

Step 3

The address is matched to multiple databases to acquire the “Physical Address”. Now we take it to the next level!

Step 4

Demographics/ Firmographics are applied to the records & scored using YOUR business rules to identify “Best Prospects”.

Step 5

Retarget “Best Prospects” with personalized messaging by Direct Mail, Email, Digital, Social and Telemarketing.

Step 6

Close the loop and measure performance at individual consumer level.

We don’t mass market to all matched records like others are doing. Our goal is to help you identify your best prospects, deliver your communications anywhere they are and drive optimal performance for your campaigns.