About Us

About nSightful

Founded as a direct marketing company in 1981, nSightful (formerly CAS) has become an innovative, quality focused digital and data marketing agency. We originally established ourselves as one of the Direct Marketing industry’s most innovative companies offering a wide variety of database marketing services. We’ve learned a lot over the past 38 years and have earned the respect of our clients as trusted advisors that can deliver unmatched quality data-driven solutions. While successful as a singularly focused direct marketing company, we’ve witnessed a variety of industry changes over the years and understand that for us to continue to grow we need to adapt. The burgeoning digital marketing space continues to change and evolve, so we’ve changed with it, transitioning our company name from CAS to nSightful. This transition reinforces our vision of data-driven solutions for marketing success, to include digital.

The combination of digital, with our innovative postal and email offerings helps us to further optimize our clients’ customer acquisition strategies and maximize their return on marketing spend. It is also a recognition of what our clients need today, which is a combination of digital and data marketing services to help them find new customers and grow their current customer base.

nSightful will continue to offer our clients all of the database marketing services we've provided over the years, along with the added focus of providing solutions to enhance their digital marketing strategy.

nSightful offers only the highest quality data-driven services along with strategic guidance to help our clients reach their goals. We measure our success with the success each client has with our services!

Our Team

nSightful has been fortunate to build out a highly qualified and experienced team to assist you with your digital marketing needs. Outside of the seasoned data and sales representatives, you’ll be working closely with product experts that have been active in the digital space since 1999. Clients will find significant benefits working with the nSightful team’s high levels of product knowledge combined with hands-on experience.

Our clients look for solutions to their digital marketing needs and not just products. nSightful has developed or partnered with resources that can provide solutions in a cost-effective and efficient manner.